KAPIHAN Network Operating Guidelines

Here are the KAPIHAN Network Operating Guidelines for stations and node or repeater operators.

The items below are in place to allow the system to run and scale smoothly, plus provide a relaxed enjoyable environment for QSOs as more and more stations and repeaters join the network.

  • Respect each and everyone—treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • No politics and no religion. Avoid these polarizing topics.
  • Identify station callsign as according to the amateur radio governing body rules:
    • Every 10 minutes during the contact
    • At the end of the contact
  • Take breaks from lengthy conversations
  • Keep differences off the air—contact people directly.
  • At least 3-4 second pause in between transmissions for others to chime in and also for repeaters and reflectors to catch up
  • Prevent quick keying. Key up, wait a second, talk. After talking, wait a second, then un-key.
  • Monitor the network to make sure there's no traffic before keying up. It doesn't hurt to wait a minute to not interfere with an ongoing QSO.
  • Yield frequency or link to emergency breaking stations.
  • No linking or cross-linking unofficial reflectors, talkgroups, rooms, et all, to prevent unforeseen technical issues.
  • "Broadcasts" are not allowed on KAPIHAN, based on Section 97.113 of the FCC rules* (and similar laws of the governing bodies in all countries the network modulates on) which prohibits amateur stations from engaging in any form of broadcasting, this type of prolonged activity is prohibited due the aforementioned law and due to the length of transmissions which put undue duty cycle stress on the network—including but not limited to repeaters, nodes, hotspots, and station radios, etc…
  • Repeaters are welcome to join the network, however please notify N6DOZ Rudy. Just like any stations, the repeater, its owner and users are bound by above guidelines.

The KAPIHAN Network is a nonprofit independent system which is not affiliated with any clubs or organizations. It does not cater to one or many individuals, group or groups, race, creed or religion, but serve as a worldwide multimode network for use by all licensed amateur radio operators. By using the KAPIHAN Network or joining the Facebook group, you are agreeing to, and are bound by the posted guidelines.

* FCC Part 97.113
[b] An amateur station shall not engage in any form of broadcasting, nor may an amateur station transmit one-way communications except as specifically provided in these rules; nor shall an amateur station engage in any activity related to program production or news gathering for broadcasting purposes, except that communications directly related to the immediate safety of human life or the protection of property may be provided by amateur stations to broadcasters for dissemination to the public where no other means of communication is reasonably available before or at the time of the event.